"How did you know I've always wanted a McSweeney's Quarterly postcard????? hehe So how wasted were you when you wrote this? It's not like you to make gammatical errors like, "Because that's generally speaking that's what happens here." hah Nice. For real though, thanks for the randomness and the 4 month early happy birthday wish. I'm glad you two were born too." -Chris

"You are to kind, I recived your postcard and I realy think you are amazing! I realy hope that we someday will meet again. I have read your blogg from time to time and you seem to have a great life with alot of fun and meeting alot of new amazing people." -Johan

"Thanks so much for the postcard! I am so relieved that changing my relationship status on facebook received the attention that it deserved. You definitely went above and beyond! Also, love the design on the front of the postcard. It's hanging in my living room." -Katrina

"I think you sent me the first piece of non-bill related mail i've gotten in months. Thanks!" -Ian

"I was pleased to find your postcard in my mailbox today! There's only one problem with it! No return address!" -Ryan

"Hey Jess, I got your postcard today... It was pretty awesome. Thanks for remembering me even if it was only for a week 10 years ago. I won't forget you! Hope you have an insanely happy life..." -Ian

"i'm an honoured to be the recipient of one of your postcards. a hotdog with toothpaste on it, what more is there to say other than, thank you." -Ashley

"Jessica, thank you sooo much for the postcard! It made my day when I got it and I proudly displayed it above my hospital bed. It really meant a lot to me. Hope all is well with you! Xoxo" -Lora

"Hey Jess! It's been a long time! Thanks for the postcard. Next time you're back you should stop by. I'm sure you have some good stories from the past 7 years =)" -Devon

"you know, mail is always fun to receive, and even more when it's not just bills you find. today was especially good. thanks." -Nando

"I got your postcard in the mail! It gave me the warm fuzzies when I really needed them, thank you for that." -Sonja

"Hi! This is Cohen. Yes, I am two and can type. My Mom says I am wicked smart like that. I want to thank you very much for the post card. It was pretty exciting to get my own mail. Probably the most exciting thing, I am two, you know." -Cohen

"For some reason i imagined you had better handwritting but we are in the fashion of typing things now days, not sure about the reason for sending postcards but it was a nice little suprise. keep in touch pls life is long and im someone who cares" -Harley

So I'm pretty sure I got your post card today. It took me a couple hours of thought to figure out which Jess it was who sent it to me, but then I remembered you asking for my address.

"I'm still not sure what I did to warrant a post card, but I appreciate it just the same. Getting mail is nice. PLUS today is my birthday so it was like you sent me a card for my birthday. Hopefully you're the one who sent me this post card, otherwise this message is going to be awkward..." -Alex H.

"Hey thanks alot for the cute postcard! It was nice of you to think of me. Take care!" -Alex Z.

"Hey, I just got the card. Lol. I'd say for my first ever post card it was a good one. Thanks, you made my day." -Kristian