Monday, November 21, 2011

Dear Stephenie Meyer

Dear Stephenie,

I have a pressing question for you--when Rosalie discovered that it was possible for a human and a vampire to conceive, instead of protecting Bella, why didn't she try to force a human male to impregnate her? I'm sure there'd be some vampire worshipping computer programming type that would have been all over that jazz. Rosalie could have popped one out, I'm sure of it. So, just wondering. (If you use this as a plot for future novels, I will require compensation. It's brilliant, I know.)

Thinking of you,


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Netflix Canada

Dear Netflix,

Thanks for making "because it's Tuesday night and our next best option is watching 'The New Guy' just for Zoey Deschanel" a legitimate excuse to watch Justin Beiber's "Never Say Never" in its entirety. Only Netflix's library could have driven us to these extremes and for that, I'm grateful. Watching grown women cry over a teenage boy is quality entertainment.

Thinking of you,