I don't get it.

In case you haven't heard, I'm actually kind of awesome at New Year's resolutions. Case in point: in 2006, I only dated dudes with beards for an entire year. (And we're talking bonafide mountain-man beards here--none of that goatee or chinstrap nonsense.) I fondly referred to it as the "Year of the Rash."

I truly believe that New Year's resolutions shouldn’t be about self-improvement or saving the world. In order for a resolution to be effective, it has to be completely selfish and absurd, with no true purpose other than to make your year interesting.

This year, I'm keeping the concept simple. (Simple is key: in 2007, I vowed to carry a prop around with me for an entire year. What I didn't factor in was that I was about to graduate from university. Fact: Props do not impress potential employers.) So, each day this year, I will write a postcard. And, to make matters more interesting, there are going to be 365 recipients.

Why postcards? 

I always loved collecting and writing postcards. I like the idea of having to condense an idea or message into 50 words or less. I also like receiving personal handwritten mail and I'd be hard-up to find someone who doesn't.

I burnt a lot of bridges in the last 10 years. For me, it's not necessarily a matter of wanting to reconnect, but rather a matter of wanting to let people know that I'm thinking of them. They haven't been forgotten and even though they're no longer part of my life, I still carry them around with me. 

Do you actually write a postcard every day? 

Yes. Granted, no one would know if I didn't. But I would know, in my heart of hearts.

To date, I have only failed to write postcards on three occasions. Surprisingly, alcohol was not a factor on any of these days. (Accidentally falling asleep has been the primary cause.) And, as long as we're being honest here, I once wrote a postcard on Saturday at 11:58 pm and wrote the postcard for the following Monday at 12:02 am. 

Then why don't you update the site every day? 

I'm kind of lazy. Uploading pictures with an iffy Internet connection can be a time intensive process.

Why have you repeated some recipients?

Although the original goal was to send postcards to 365 different recipients, in March I realized there was a major flaw in this plan: People that I have always sent postcards to on a regular basis would be deprived of my witty anecdotes. (For example, my parents, who live roughly 3000 km away.)

What is deltiological? 

Deltiological is a word I made up because I like scientific-sounding words. (They're kind of sexy, no?) Deltiology, on the other hand, is the collection and study of postcards. (However, don't try it on game night: deltiology is not included in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.) 

Can you send me a postcard? 

Yes, but only if I'm thinking of you. Send your address to deltiological@gmail.com